The Law of Attraction and The Link to Hypnosis

The Law of Attraction has been popularised in recent years mainly by the film ‘The Secret’ (also see link bottom) which spawned many different books and articles on the topic. mydigitalstar The size of some of the books produced make it seem as though it is a complicated subject, but I will explain in this post how essentially it is something quite basic and hardly a new concept at all, and also how it relates to Hypnotherapy.

The Law of Attraction is just one of the ‘Universal Laws’ which, depending where you read, there are multiple numbers of. There is no official number of Universal Laws but the Law of Attraction is certainly one constant, along with the Laws of Vibration, Cause and Effect, Gratitude, Love and finally Allowance. seowebpromote These laws are supposedly the principles of life that we all live under, much like gravity; a constant non-changing set of rules that if we use in the right way can be of huge benefit to our lives.

To comprehend fully the teachings of the Universal Laws it must be understood that everything in existence is simply energy in different forms, or to be more precise energy at different levels of vibrational frequency. A solid object for instance is simply a form of energy vibrating at a low frequency, so low that it looks and feels solid to us but it is nothing more than energy. Radio waves are just energy vibrating at a high frequency, so high we cannot sense them unless we have a mechanical device designed to do so. As humans we can only detect a small spectrum of the different energies that surround us, making it hard for us to fully explain everything that happens in our world. myworldmarkstory This is basically what the Law of Vibration talks about, everything is vibrational energy in one form or another and we as humans have our own vibrations that we transmit around us, as well as receiving vibrations from our environment.

The Law of Attraction goes onto say that we attract what we vibrate… if we walk around feeling depressed or angry we are broadcasting a negative vibration around us which attracts the same negative energies towards us. So if you are depressed you attract depressive influences into your life, be it people, circumstances etc, which then compounds your ill feelings making you feel more depressed and a negative cycle soon unfolds.

What the Law of Attraction instructs you to do is this:

Accept that the Law of Attraction works and cast away the doubt that will only get in the way of your ‘vibration’. Find out what you actually want in your life that benefit you Focus your vibration on the things you want, then visualize them as clearly as you can on a frequent basis. Take action. Sitting around wont realise your goals, but doing something to fulfil your instincts will. Take the opportunities that come your way and notice the positive affect they have on you.

If you follow those rules you will be attracting positive influences into your life through positive thinking, by the positive vibrational energy you are emitting. investorsocial By thinking positive and acting in a positive way you will attract more positive things into your life and a positive cycle will soon come about.

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