How You Can Change A Law That Is Affecting You Negatively

In the second year after leaving Egypt, on the 14th day of the first month, God asked Moses to tell the children of Israel to celebrate the second Passover in the desert of Sinai. thebrandastute The law then was that any Jew who did not join that celebration would cease to be a member of the group led by God. So the people understood the law to mean that if for any reason you were unable to celebrate that feast, you are automatically ostracized.

In the crowd however were some people who went to Moses and asked him how the law will apply to those who unintentionally became unclean or traveled out of the camp during the period the feast was celebrated. Moses was confused and asked them to wait so that he could consult God. When Moses consulted God, God then added another clause to the Law. The new clause was that if for any just cause someone had to miss the celebration of the Passover, that person could perform his own ceremony the next month. thedigitaluprise So, because someone was bold enough to raise an issue with how a law affected him negatively, a provision was made to safeguard him.

In the law then, it was also stated that only male members could inherit land in the Promised Land. However, four daughters of a man who had no son would not stand for that. They went to Moses and asked him why their father should lose his inheritance simply because he had no son. Moses took the case to God and God immediately adjusted the law to accommodate women so that they too could inherit their father’s property.

In both cases, the law was changed because someone refused to sit in his house and complain. Someone decided to do something about a law that could short change him. And they took action. useyourspeak They went to the proper authority and argued out their points without fighting or trying to go against the initial law.

This shows us how to change a law in our area of operation that is hampering our progress or could cause us pain in the future. When you have an issue with a particular law, just do not sit down and hope it will go away. Do not just accept it as the law of your land or area of operation. If it is hurting you or about to hurt you, stand up and take action. It does not matter whether you are qualified to do it or not. The girls that went to Moses were not qualified to do that because they were just girls and women in that community were supposed to be just seen and not heard. They still went to see Moses.

You must also do your research and marshal out your points before going forward. In both instances the people involved gave good reasons why the law needs to be adjusted. Do not rush off based on sentiment rather prepare well and go with clear reasoning. The book of proverbs says that when an intelligent man takes a fool to court, the fool starts to shout and quarrel. The fool fails to realize that winning with the law is about clear reasoning not angry shouts.

Also learn to go as a group. worldintrend It easy easier and faster to change a law as a group than to go individually. The girls all went together to see Moses. This was why he listened to them. A group is a sign that the law is affecting more than one person and needs to be addressed.

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